Tuesday, May 21, 2013


This morning my heart is aching for the folks of Oklahoma.

But I've got the written word, and that is a powerful tool.

Rather than sit and wring my hands, today I’m going to use my words to encourage you to take action.

Together we can create a lot of good stuff in the world.

For example, you can make a donation to any of the following organizations. They will be providing food, water, and emergency shelter, as well as emotional support for first responders and tornado survivors —

But you certainly don’t need to make a contribution to this cause.

Instead, you can use YOUR words today in some other powerful way —

Spread the word about a cause that stirs your heart.

Write a letter to an old friend, a grandpa, or an aunt.

Send an email to your Representative concerning a political issue you feel passionate about.

Write a love note to your partner or child.

Accompany all of the above with hugs.

Yes, even the one to your Representative.

PROMPT: Great things can happen when you use your powerful words. Take some written action today.

And don’t forget the hugs.