Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hot Spots

I heard a special public service announcement on the radio yesterday…

Apparently, it is Volcano Awareness Month!

Well, there just so happens to be an active volcano exactly 28.5 miles from my front door.

Trust me, I am aware.

I am aware every single month of the year –

She steams fairly often, after all.

But so far she has kept her ash to herself.

Thus, we are on still on speaking terms.


Perhaps Volcano Awareness Month is not really meant for me –

But for those of you who are currently volcano-free.



Do NOT let a volcano sneak up behind you.

Do not let a volcano set up camp in your front yard.

Volcanoes do not make good neighbors.

They get steamed.

They throw things.

They blow their tops.

They NEVER leave.

Thank you for your attention and awareness.

Together, we can prevent unwanted volcanoes.

This has been a very special Mind’s Elbow Public Service Announcement.

PROMPT: Celebrate your volcano awareness by reveling in the power of place! Location can have a big impact (from extreme boredom to molten ash) on a character. So, put your protagonist in a place that packs a punch and let the fun begin! 

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