Thursday, September 12, 2013

Your Page Awaits

Question: What do the two previous posts have in common?

Answer: Kathryn Stockett

In 2001 Kathryn was living in New York City, and following the events of September 11, she had no phone service and no mail. In fact, she had no way to tell her family that she was fine…

Oh, and how she ached to hear those southern voices.

How she longed for home…

What to do? What to do?

Well, what any good writer would do, of course —

She wrote.

On September 12, 2001 Kathryn began writing in the voice of the maid she knew in childhood.

The rest is history.

Published in 2009, The Help spent more than 100 weeks on The New York Times Best Seller list.

To date it has sold over five million copies.

Now that’s what I call overcoming.

PROMPT: What are you going to start today? Pick a voice and go!

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