Monday, September 9, 2013

Get Your Weird On

Back in the year 2000, the folks of Austin, Texas launched a “Keep Austin Weird” campaign.

Apparently, everything is indeed bigger in Texas — including the weirdo population.

Then a splinter group (weirdos, I’m betting) decided to go national by decreeing that September 9th would be known forevermore as Wonderful Weirdos Day.

And that’s great news for us!

Weirdos make the best characters, after all.

Think of it…

Willy Wonka
Luna Lovegood
Tom Bombadil
The Phantom
Caractacus Potts
The Mad Hatter
Mr. Toad


Complete weirdos.

Of course, as writers and artists, we tend to walk on the weird side as well.

And that’s certainly wonderful, too!

PROMPT: Celebrate your own weird self today! Then create a quirky character and plot his or her (or its!) wild adventure. After all, who wants to waste precious life moments reading about “normal” people? I mean, that would be weird.


  1. What are you trying to say? Ha! It's true: we do tend to walk on the weird side. :)

    I love quirky characters! They're fun to write and read. Luna Lovegood is one of my faves--and one of the first to come to mind for me.

    1. I would NEVER accuse you of being weird, Dawn. After all, EVERY adult I know wears a Captain Underpants Hypno-Ring. ;)

  2. Not every adult--only the coolest ones. :)