Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Don’t Get Even… Get Mad

Have you ever been irritated by anything or (Gasp!) anyone?

Well, today is a fabulous day to celebrate all of the wonderful ways you've been ticked off.

Yes, according to Sesame Street Magazine, it is National Grouch Day.

One does wonder why it is sandwiched between Kick-Butt Day and Boss’s Day, but no matter — we’re celebrating anyway.

After all, irritation is a beautiful thing!

How do I know?

Because it’s the only way to make a pearl, Baby.

Which, of course, is why that old saying goes —

Happy as a clam.

Because nobody, but nobody…

Is more p*ssed off than an oyster.

PROMPT: Today is a great day to go oyster. Find one thing (yes, only one!) that really irritated you in the past year. Now throw it at a character — ex-con… astronaut… anthropomorphic turtle — and watch the pearls fly!

Write on!

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