Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Get a Tan

I think books were my salvation.
Books saved me from being miserable.
~ Amy Tan

Currently, I am re-reading The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan in anticipation of seeing the stage play at the end of the month.

Ah, the book is just as delicious to me now as it was when I had my first taste 2 decades ago.

So, I thought I would look up some Amy Tan inspiration to share with the Elbow clan.

Here’s a wonderful tidbit I found in an old interview—

Earlier in her career, Amy and a business partner wrote industry texts for corporations. One day, she and her partner had a falling out when he informed her that writing was her weakest skill. Of course, Amy disagreed. Then she informed him that she was quitting to find success as a writer without him.

His response?

"Oh, fat chance. You'll be lucky if you make a dime."

The Joy Luck Club remained on the New York Times Best Seller list for 75 weeks and was translated into 23 languages worldwide.

I’m thinking she made that dime.

PROMPT: For even more inspiration, check out Amy Tan’s TED talk here… while I get back to Chapter 5.

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