Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mmm Mmm Marvelous!

What if you were lazy?

Ruth Wakefield was.

Yet she still fully expected those chocolate drop cookies to show up in the oven.

Her result?

The super-fabulous chocolate chip cookie.

What if you were vengeful?

George Crum was.

After a customer sent back his plate of potatoes for the third time complaining that they weren't cut thin enough, George said, “Well, have fun reading the Scriptures through these!” and sawed those taters paper-thin.

His result?

The potato chip.

What if you were messy?

Patsy Sherman was.

While attempting to develop a material that wouldn't deteriorate with exposure to jet fuels, she dropped the concoction on her shoe. She dropped a whole bunch of other stuff on it, too. But that first spot always looked brand-spanking new.

Her result?


What if you got it completely wrong?

Spencer Silver did.

He once set on a quest to create the world’s strongest adhesive. Instead, he discovered one that barely stuck at all.

His result?

The post-it note.

What if all of your mistakes were marvelous, too?

PROMPT: Take action in all the wrong ways today. Go ahead and make that plot too thin, your dialogue stiff, and your prose too wordy. The whole point, of course, is ACTION! Unless of course, you decided to work the lazy angle. Well, then…

Enjoy those cookies!

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