Friday, October 11, 2013

See the Light

Is one of your characters in a bit of a jam?

Is your plot thin and stumbling down the road to nowhere?        

Do you WISH you had a character and plot because right now you’re fresh out of both?

Well, have I got a deal for you.

My friends, you don’t need a pill, potion, or personal trainer.

All you need is…

a light bulb.

Yes, the good people of Tuft University have discovered that human beings who sit below a bare burning bulb solve problems more quickly and demonstrate greater insight than those forced to function under fluorescent.

Apparently, the light bulb group solved “insight” problems nearly 40% of the time while everyone else solved them at a pitiful 10% rate.

Then they did a bunch of other tests and hocus-pocus analysis and determined that their results had nothing whatsoever to do with the type of illumination…

and absolutely everything to do with our cultural notion that light bulbs and creative ideas go hand in hand.

Yep, believe it and you see it, Baby.

But don’t take my word for it.

Go get yourself some light bulb moments…

by… uh…

Getting yourself some light bulb moments.

PROMPT: Get blinded by science — try this at home.

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