Friday, October 25, 2013

Mighty Minis

If you were an action figure, what sort of daring doll would you be?

Awesome Artist…

Dynamic Dad…

Hairy Scary Librarian…

Well, thanks to some super-cool creative thinkers, this question is no longer hypothetical.

All you need is a full-body scan, a 3-D printer, and Ta-Da —

You are ready for some big time tiny action!

Eventually this service will be coming to a store near you, but why wait?

You can get a mini me right now for only 40 Pounds and one quick trip across the pond.

Check it out here.

PROMPT: Your narcissistic boss decides that all employees simply MUST have a supervisor superhero rather than a Christmas bonus this year. All goes as well as can be expected, until…

SOMEbody begins to stick it with pins. Write on!

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