Friday, January 31, 2014

The Year of the …

Happy New Year all over again!

Yes, Elbow Benders, we've just entered the Year of the Horse

And according to the experts in Chinese zodiac predictions, it promises to be one full of fast victories, unexpected adventure, and surprising romance.

Obviously, that means it will be 12 months of writerly bliss for all of us!

So celebrate by adding a few horsey activities to your personal repertoire…
  • Sleep only three hours each night! Just imagine how much progress you'll make on all of your creative goals!

  •  Take a load off your feet for only 45 minutes a day! Yes, this is obviously the year to pony up for that stand-up desk.

  •  Lose the ability to concentrate for more than 15 minutes at a time…

Okay, maybe not all horse behaviors should be emulated.

PROMPT: We’re off to the races! What the world needs now is another Black Beauty, Flicka, or Mister Ed. 

Ride on!

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