Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Love Your Mama

Earth, that is.

Yes, it's that special day of the year we all own up to the fact that when it comes to planets, we've got a favorite.

Sorry, Mars and Jupiter, you’re swell…

but you sort of suck at sustaining human life.

So, it's Earth Day all the way for those of us who have a thing for oxygen, water in liquid form, and banana slugs.

Yes, this special celebration was the BEST thing to come out of 1970… Well, that and my fabulous brother, but that’s a different story.

If you weren't there, let me give you a little snapshot of the year and you’ll see what I mean 

What we lost in 1970:

Jimi Hendrix
Janis Joplin
The Beatles

What we had:


Need I say more?

Trust me, if there was ever a year we needed SOMETHING to celebrate, it was then.

So we decided to celebrate what we had. And that was…


And dang it, if that didn't make us all feel a whole lot better.

For those of you who were there, you might be feeling an urge to hold hands right about now…

Because Earth Day would not be complete without a good old-fashioned 70’s sing-along.

If you’re of a certain age, I’m sure you can guess the song.

Here’s the link.

Go ahead…

You know you want to.

PROMPT: Celebrate Earth Day with some nature writing… an ode to a banana slug or badger, a dirt-y limerick, or an essay convincing Kermit to quit his bellyaching. After all, being green is not so hard if you've gotta lotta love for this little blue world.


  1. Isn't it another special day today? Somebody who claims to be older than dirt but looks as fresh as a daisy. Happy Birthday Barb. I'm soooo proud of you.

    1. Thanks, little b! My Earth Day Birthday was fantastic!

  2. Cool. And I will add another--I CAME OUT OF 1970!!!